Inclusive Catholics
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You should check this site for dates and times and where Mass will be celebrated.

We currently have Mass on the FIRST and THIRD SUNDAYS of each month.

February, 2015 Masses -

SUNDAY 1 and 15 February at 5.00 pm.


Glen Iris Road Uniting Church
200 Glen Iris Rd.
Glen Iris   MAP     

Why our Masses?

To welcome all Catholics, especially the disenfranchised, the disillusioned and the excluded.

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         Last updated: 19 January, 2015


What is Inclusive Catholics?

Inclusive Catholics is an evolving movement/community in Melbourne, still in its embryonic development.

by Fr Greg Reynolds

A talk presented at Monash University on 26 October, 2014 on behalf of the Progressive Christian Network - Vic.
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In late August, 2011 I resigned as a parish priest and began this new venture/ministry. I initiated it in response to two complementary unfolding experiences.

First was my growing conviction that the Institutional Catholic Church was wrong in its teaching on Women's Ordination and on Homosexuality.

More recently I discerned a personal calling to minister to and with Catholic people who share these beliefs and have been longing for a community that celebrates the Catholic Eucharist in ways that support these beliefs. Other people drawn to this movement include victims of clerical abuse, and their supporters, who do not want to be associated with the church institution.

There has also been significant interest and encouragement from laicised Priests. Still others are supporting us due to their opposition to the way the Catholic Church is structured and governed. This is not to deny the hierarchical nature of the Church and the important role of the Pope, Bishops, Priests and Deacons, but rather opposing many of the Canon Laws and forms of governance under which these roles are exercised.

While in no way compromising our Catholic belief in the Eucharist, including the Real Presence, we do not restrict peoples' reception of Holy Communion on the grounds of their worthiness or theology.

Home Masses

From time to time, people make their homes available for Mass, and some details of those Masses will be posted here.

Those interested in attending any of the Home Masses should ring or email me, so that I can keep a handle on how many, and who, are intending to turn up, and so that I can give people the exact address.

                                        Greg Reynolds

Organisationally we are at the stage of establishing an interim leadership group, as together we clarify our Statement of Purpose/Mission Statement, and plan ahead.

As an aside, let me just say that as a Priest of the Melbourne Archdiocese for 32 years I have had a long time interest in Ecumenism and Inter-Faith Dialogue and am keen to ensure that these important activities will become a significant feature of our community's life as it begins to take shape.

To all potential members let me say that if we do not have a preferential option for the poor then there is no point in continuing. From my minimal contact with St Mary's in Exile in South Brisbane, which has been an inspiration for me, it seems clear to me that their commitment to the poor is the underlying strength and authenticity of their community.

Please pray for us.

Greg Reynolds

0400 534 557